Adele Costantino by A.C. Interni 33 has been defined "philological restorer or better re-maker” of historical dwellings, passionate philological recuperator of Venetian villas, historic villas, important and prestigious locations where the past has left an indelible mark, locations where the owner can confortably live after a respectful recovery made with quality materials, carried out by adding few recognizable elements and with a special attention to traditional materials and techniques and prestigious piece of forniture. The outcame? New enviroments, guaranteeing high-performance products of top quality standards for the modern man but in an historic locatioin.

Adele Costantino founded A. C. Interni 33 to support planning and works management that she followed as a civil engineer in the field of historic buildings. With A.C. Interni 33 she expanded her business to other areas provided as a complete service thanks to the experience gained in the field of materials with the aim of recovering, maintein and promote products of Italian craftsmanship and manufacture.

Thanks to the discerning eye and instinct in channeling the old and the new, weaving relationships with artisans who still carry on the historical tradition of working of wood, iron, stone, precious fabrics, Adele Costantino has formed a network through which, you can maintain the essence of a building and its interior by adapting new technologies in an elegant and practical way.

The mission

Adele Costantino's mission was to propose unique projects, tailored to the needs of each client, focusing on every single aspect with passion.

The studio intends to underline the importance of turning to design and architecture professionals and experts to bring new life to structures of any type, both for their consolidation and for a radical renovation aimed at radically changing the appearance of any property. Lately, in fact, Adele Costantino has specialized in the renovation of private and hospitality structures, to transform second homes into holiday homes and/or b&bs, characterized by highly refined aesthetics and maximum functionality for each space even if in historical settings.

A.C. Interni 33 di A.C. Servizi di Ingegneria s.r.l.

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