Knowledge, technique, passion and inspiration: winning concepts for a unique and excellent professional.

Adele Costantino, in addition to the reorganization and renovation of the buildings, uses the expertise of the best Italian artisans to create furniture and functional elements on the basis of a peculiar design of Furniture Design, tailored to the tastes and needs of each customer.

Adele Costantino, through A.C. Interni 33, also deals with the conceptual design and material of furnishing elements in an artistic and creative unique environments, of inestimable value, adapting old furniture to new features with a philological recovery that enhances it.

In search of the best materials to be inserted in any environment, Adele Costantino devotes specific attention, to complete the design and aesthetically care according to the needs and tastes of the customer. The design study includes the design of all those key elements that make a space to remodel usable, beautiful and functional. Adele Costantino approaches every project with dedication, artisticity and creativity, with the aim of providing a usable environment that is able to offer the highest aesthetic and practical quality.

A.C. Interni 33 di A.C. Servizi di Ingegneria s.r.l.

Via Federico Gerofoli 33, int 2 VERONA
Codice Fiscale - Partita Iva: 04030930236
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